Sole Accounting Practitioner Saves 40+ Hours Per Month with Countable

Dayna Holland runs her own accounting practice, Dayna Holland Ltd, in Vancouver, BC. A sole practitioner, she found herself in a constant time crunch. She needed to find a way to increase efficiency and make more time for high-value client consultations.

The Challenge:

Dayna was looking to spend more time consulting
with her clients rather than compiling and sending
sets of financial statements. She reasoned that if she
could get back even an hour on financial-statement
preparation and the associated admin cycle, it
would add up across 50 clients and save over
a week’s time every month. Then she could spend
more time doing lucrative work that she enjoyed.

The Solution:

Dayna had tried other software solutions but
found them cumbersome and difficult. She chose
Countable mainly because it integrates with the online
accounting platforms that a lot of her clients use —
and the fact that it promised to ‘make life simpler’.
Dayna found Countable’s layout clean, intuitive
and the onboarding videos short, sweet, and easy
to follow. She was also impressed with Countable’s
overnight responses when she had questions.

The Result:

Countable helped Dayna achieve her goal of
saving time on repetitive tasks associated with
compilations. “It’s making my life a lot easier,” she
says. “My engagements are smoother.” Dayna now
automaps trial balances, populates lead sheets, and
generates financial statements in minutes instead
of days. Dayna also joined the Countable Founders
Club, where she found professional development
courses and a community she could engage
with—things she valued as a sole practitioner.

“Countable provides an easy
solution for accountants to
generate financial statements
for our clients in a way that
doesn’t feel like it’s a burden
anymore. It’s a life-saver.”

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