Simple setup.

With a 4-step on boarding process, making the switch is painless. Just input and upload your firm’s information, upload your client list and invite your team and clients.

Four set setup process

Simple to use.

We’ve created a friendly, intuitive interface built for even the most techincal challenged. We haven’t changed the way you do engagements, we’ve just made it easy.

Four set setup process

Simple to learn.

Our tutorials are embedded right in the platform, so you don’t need hours of staff training or a dedicated expert. If you need extra help, we are always happy to conference in.

Four set setup process

One-time template setup.

Select a template and it auto-fills with the info you’ve already provided. Once set up, templates are avialable for the whole firm to use, including roll forward templates with all work saved, ready for use year after year.

Four set setup process


All you have to do is provide the key engagement details, load the client’s existing information from your database and assign a team. You can even determine how many hours to allocate based on your client’s budget and the staff hourly rates, which are already on the platform.

Compliance checklist included

Every CPA required checklist you need is embedded right inside each engagement.

Four set setup process


Link with your client bookkeeping systems.

Our platforms syncs up with client bookkeeping so you can access all key financial information in one place.

Generate lead sheets and financial statements in seconds

Why finish everything in sequence? The second you import the trial balance, Countable maps it out, populates all relevant lead sheets and prepares draft financial statements.

Four set setup process

Fields and charts automatically filled and placed in sequence.

Watch your financial statements update as you adjust entries. Just add relevant supporting work papers and sign off.

Four set setup process

Notes to financial statement.

Add, re-order or delete notes to a financial statement on any engagement, quickly and simple.

One -click tax prep.

Export mapped data for tax filings in one click.


Everything from document handling to client communication is done in one place.

Four set setup process

Included cloud based document repository

At no extra cost, store all your firm and client documents safely online where you can easily find documents directly on any engagement to be used or adjusted as you need.

Four set setup process

Convenient sign-offs for your team and client.

Colored coded sign-offs are conveniently available across the platform. Sign off on one working paper at a time or on the whole file.

Four set setup process

Easy, accurate time tracking.

Your team’s hours are automatically logged for each project whenever that project account is opened.

Four set setup process


A client interface you control.

Keep all client communication centralized and organized. Your client can fulfill document requests, make comments on shared documents and sign off. All documents are organized by section, making it clear which documents are still needed. Clients only have limited access to information that’s relevant to them, keeping your work process between you and your team.

Get client documents immediately.

Start requesting documents for the entire engagement right away, not just as needed. Send a reminder directly on the platform. Every document request is time-boxed and has the option to specify the due date and priority level.

Collaborate on one unified dashboard.

Make comments to your team or client directly on a specific section. Flag an issue that must get cleared during the sign-off process.


A client interface you control.

Don’t be bound by the office!.

Do your work 100% securely from anywhere in the world.

Everything is saved automatically and internet-accessible from your laptop.

Collaborate with your team in real time, wherever you happen to be.