Accounting software that serves all of your engagement needs.
Feature-packed communication, collaboration, and engagement software.
What do you need to do in order to complete engagements?

Communicate with clients and your team, access documents, procure e-signatures, customize financial statements, auto-fill forms with information you already have, check your work against CPA-required checklists. Oh, and manage the firm. Does that about cover it?

With Countable, there’s no need to switch between programs or even check your email.

Work One-time template setup
Work Link with client bookkeeping systems
Work Auto-fill fields and charts
Work Auto-populate lead sheets & financial statements
Work Notes to financial statement
Work CPA Checklists
Work Automated time tracking
Collaboration Unified dashboard
Collaboration Changes and comments in real time
Collaboration Track all activities
Collaboration Control employee access
Collaboration Control client access
Collaboration Centralize Communication
Collaboration Get client documents faster
Collaboration Post adjusting entries
Collaboration Get e-signatures directly on the tool
Compatibility Browser
Compatibility Accounting Software: Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage
Compatibility Office Software
Support Explainer Videos
Affordability No up-front videos
Affordability Pay per user

Dayna H.
Dayna H.
Countable has been a lifesaver. I find that the Countable team is extremely responsive to support requests. They are also very happy to receive suggestions to help improve the software. ☺Everything about Countable seems easier to use than other software packages that I've tried to use. I can link documents, insert comments, adjust a set of financial statements for presentation with very few steps. The presentation is easier for me to manage. And I can switch between companies quickly. ☹It's still a relatively new software package so there are little things that still haven't been implemented. For instance a standard set of Financial Statement notes are not available at this time, but I know that the Countable team is working on it. Any tweaks or suggestions that an accountant has to help the Countable team improve the software are being looked and and they are making efforts to incorporate as many of these suggestions as possible.
Nima A.
Nima A.
User friendly ☺After years of working with other softwares I found it very user friendly and colorful. ☹The product is still under development but still doing great.
Ken G.
Ken G.
Beautiful interface and easy to use So far, I've had a pleasant experience with great support from the team. ☺The ease of transitioning from trial balance to a beautiful financial statements. I love the fact that this tool integrates with my Quickbooks accounting software ☹Nothing in particular. I know there are a few minor bugs and issues but that's ok with a new software like this. I would love to be able to use this for my audit engagements in the future.
Laura B.
Laura B.
Great product! Overall I found it super easy to use and the customer support was awesome. ☺Really easy to use and stay compliant with CPA rules. I only used it for an NTR but found it comprehensive and easy to use. ☹Nothing that I didn't like. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a year end solution.
Shawn G.
Shawn G.
Beats CaseWare for NTR's - A Rival for Modern Firms It's not quite there yet, but after some improvements Countable may be the leading software to manage NTR engagements for firms that are cloud-focused. My firm doesn't do Reviews/Audits and I wouldn't use Countable if we did... but there aren't many good alternatives for a truly cloud based engagement manager for Notice to Readers. If you're still doing the majority of your year-ends with desktop software backups (QB/Sage), then this may not be the product for you. But if you're a modern firm with a focus on the cloud, then Countable is a great option. ☺-Integrates directly with cloud accounting software like QBO/Xero -Uses AI/machine learning for account mapping - it's imperfect, but will improve over time -Easy to learn and fully usable right out of the gate. No customization required. -Best support I've ever received from any product/service. The Countable team is dedicated to this product and are constantly accepting feedback and improving it. ☹-Countable (at time of writing) is a new product, so there are still minor bugs and full functionality hasn't been reached yet - however, it works well for Notice to Reader engagements. I expect that it will improve considerably over the next 3-6 months.
Todd T.
Todd T.
Excited about the future of things to come! Service is amazing and they really understand and anticipate the needs of our industry. ☺Cloud based, very Intuitive and easy to use and well thought out. Has the potential to replace several pieces of software and free up a lot of time to provide more value added services to clients through automation of non-value added processes. ☹Some features still to be developed but I have every confidence they will happen.
Pankaj M.
Pankaj M.
Big time saver Overall great experience. Lots of automation features built within the platform. My favorite one is the Office integration that let you update excel, word files within the tool without saving them on your computer. ☺Easy to use, great features, saves lot of time. ☹For bookkeeping firms, it would be good to add a billing and credit card feature.
Matthew S.
Matthew S.
Countable review It was easy to onboard clients, set year-ends, and begin general file preparation, however, as it is still in the early stages, there were issues. The company is led by a [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] who is a CA with firm experience which will ensure the product is developed to ensure efficient file completion. ☺Increases efficiency when preparing standard compilation engagements while following CPA practice standards. Having the most current templates (i.e. independence and planning) ensures compliance with ever changing standards. ☹As it is relatively new, it does not have the same features of Caseware, and therefore, can't replace it. Several months of development will be required to get on the same level as other providers. It may be geared for those firms wanting to outsource the preparation of engagements (or components of).