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Awesome Service and Support. Great experience and support with Countable. Ease of use and flow. The system layout is excellent. Easily laid out and functionality you can find items very easy.

Mark Lelievre

McEvoy Lelievre & Associates

Great product - getting better. The team at Countable have been great to work with. They are very focused on helping to improve efficiencies and remove bottlenecks from day to day aspects of our jobs. Very quick to integrate data from bookkeeping softwares. Mapping process is fast. Quick to create a gifi export file so the T2 preparation speed and quality is improved.

Angus Shuttleworth

Angus Shuttleworth CPA Professional Corporation

Big time saver. Overall great experience. Lots of automation features built within the platform. My favorite one is the Office integration that let you update excel, word files within the tool without saving them on your computer. Easy to use, great features, saves lot of time.

Pankaj Makkar

Vizhen Books Inc.

Excited about the future of things to come! Service is amazing and they really understand and anticipate the needs of our industry. Cloud based, very Intuitive and easy to use and well thought out. Has the potential to replace several pieces of software and free up a lot of time to provide more value added services to clients through automation of non-value added processes. Some features still to be developed but I have every confidence they will happen. Countable offers ease of use, speed of use, cloud based architecture, automation of tasks, future vision. It helps save a significant amount of file preparation time and automates routine file preparation functions.

Todd Trowbridge

Trowbridge Professional Corporation