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Reviews and Compilations

Upload trial balances, update lead sheets and financial statements instantly from Xero™ and QuickBooks for a real time trial balance check.

Map & validate trial balance data, create and auto-reference lead sheets, save and edit manual documents, and generate full-fledged financial statements in minutes with one simple click.

Sync with MS Office & PDF editor. Access and edit documents in one central place, no up/downloading required.

Set custom permissions and settings per group or per user.

Set custom permissions and settings per group or per user.

Establish a live connection to QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero™. Instantly create lead sheets and financial statements that continue to update in real time.

Securely store all your important documents and data with our file archiving solution.

Track KPIs, monitor workflow, and get a comprehensive overview of your firm’s operations in real-time.

Leverage our industry-compliant forms and templates to save time, streamline paperwork and maintain consistency across your firm.

Easily export tax codes from the platform for quicker, more accurate tax filing.

Approve and sync selected journal entries to your accounting software, ensuring your year-end financials match and preventing future reconciliation errors.

Easily roll-forward current year files and data to next year, saving time and reducing errors.

Automatically track billable work hours, see how much time rolls over into the next month, and check utilization at-a-glance.

Users with a PEG/PACT license can choose from our master library to customize financial statement notes and checklists.

Never feel stuck with our promise of unlimited ongoing training and support.Our team is always ready to assist you.

Safely store all your important files in the cloud for easy access from anywhere. With ample storage space, keep all your data in one centralized, secure location.