Countable makes it easy.

The best part? It’s all included. No need to upgrade for more functionality.
Countable does everything you need to complete an engagement and more.
  • Easy communication with clients and your team
  • Easy access documents
  • Easy to procure e-signatures
  • Easy to customize financial statements
  • Easy to auto-fill forms with your information
  • Easy to check your work against CPA-required checklists.

There’s no need to switch between programs or even check your email.

Work and Collaborate

One-time template setup

Link with client bookkeeping systems

Auto-fill fields and charts

Auto-populate lead sheets & financial statements

Notes to financial statement

CPA Checklists

Automated time tracking

Review capability

AI preparer 
(Coming Soon)


Countable guides you every step, from start to finish.

Get onboard in 4-steps.

Making the switch is painless. Just input or upload your firm’s information and invite your team and clients. Easy as that.

Simple to use

Our friendly, intuitive interface is built for the process you know.

You can be up and running in less than 15 minutes. Tutorials embedded right in the tool do away with hours of training. But our support team is readily available should you need.

Start engagements immediately.

Sync with your client’s bookkeeping

Seamlessly connect your accounting software and access your financial information in one place.

Review it. Don’t do it.

All fields and charts are filled and placed in sequence. Just add relevant supporting work papers and sign off.

Lead sheets and financial statements in seconds

As soon as you import the trial balance, Countable instantly populates all relevant lead sheets and prepares draft financial statements.

Complete your engagement work. Automatically.

All you have to do is provide the key engagement details, load the client’s existing information from your database and assign a team. You can even determine how many hours to allocate based on your client’s budget and the staff hourly rates.

Built-in compliance checklist

Every CPA required checklist you need is embedded in each engagement.

Centralize everything.

There’s no need to open another program. Everything from document handling to client communication is done in one place.

Goodbye private server

Hello document repository. All your firm and client documents are safely in the cloud.

Easy, accurate time tracking

Your team’s hours are automatically logged for each project account whenever it’s opened.

Colour-coded sign-offs

Sign-offs for your team and client are conveniently available across Countable on one working paper or the whole file.

See one unified dashboard.

Collaborate with your team or client directly on a specific section. Flag any issue during the sign-off process.

A client interface you’ll both love

Keep all client communication centralized and organized by section, making it clear which documents are still needed. Your client can fulfill document requests, make comments on shared documents and sign off. Clients only have access to information that’s relevant to them.

Get client documents sooner

No more email reminders. Make requests for documents right in Countable, and for the entire engagement. Each document request is time-boxed with the due date and priority level.

Reviews at your fingertips.

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Tap into AI thinking.

With a simple yet sophisticated new platform design, Countable is more user-friendly, more intuitive and more dynamic. Built on machine learning and process automation, it will be the foundation for a future AI preparer.