Cybersecurity Threats & Impact on Accounting Firms

We know that cybersecurity is important but it’s not always easy to prioritize it.

In the latest episode of our video series, we explore concrete steps that accounting firms can take to stay safe and secure. Tune in to our chat with cybersecurity expert and CEO at Difenda, Manoj Arora, as he shares insights from his two-decade long career in building cyber security solutions.

Key Topics:

00:00 – 06:10 – Introduction: Getting to know Manoj Arora
06:11 – 10:08 – What are the pillars of a comprehensive cybersecurity solution?
10:09 – 13:16 – What cybersecurity threats do accouting firms face?
13:17 –  14:49 –  How much cybersecurity is actually enough?
14:50 – 23:03 – Storing data on the local server vs the cloud
23:04 – 29:35 – What does the future of cybersecurity look like?
29:36 – 35:12 – Cybersecurity tips for accounting firms
35:13 – 35:58 – Conclusion

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