About Us

We’re a team of CPAs and technologists who think all accounting firms deserve a platform that’s smart, simple and (dare we say it) fun.
When our world changes, so do our clients, and so must our industry. Countable was built out of an urgent need for better, more nimble technology to help accountants keep up with the future. We need a more streamlined engagement process. We need flexibility and scalability. We know change can be scary. No firm wants to be vulnerable to costly firm disruptions, lost files, or unhappy clients. But we don’t think fear should prevent us from doing things better. We’ve proudly built a platform that’s so intuitive, you not only streamline your practice, but grow and evolve it. We imagine transforming scattered systems into one simple integrated system. So you can spend more time on work that matters.

Our Core Values


Plan for the future without forgetting the needs of the present.


Be comfortable being uncomfortable.


Learn from our mistakes and adapt accordingly.


Focus on the end-user. Always.


Think bold. Think better.

Fully Integrated

and Ready for More

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Heart Hands Shaking

Did you know, the signature for gratitude is “Thank you”.

This causes the brain to believe that you have already been rewarded and as a result releases a whole bunch of happy chemicals.

So we’d like to start with our gratitude.

Gratitude to everyone who has added their bit to get us where we are so far. Every investor, every contractor, every employee, our communities and our families – we are extremely grateful.

It is because of you that this process continues to be so rewarding!

Image of Atin
Image of Jesse

Jesse and I come from very different backgrounds. I grew up thinking logically and analytically as an accountant. It’s embedded in my DNA.

Jesse, on the other hand, comes from a creative and artistic background and has spent years on the ground as an entrepreneur.

We complement each other and attract a large range of personalities around us, for which we are extremely fortunate.

We have only one goal in mind.
To live our philosophy.

Adapt. Improve. Grow.

We ask ourselves:

  • How can we make life easier during the busy times of the year?
  • How can we make things simple to understand while minimizing training?
  • How does your staff want to work as they migrate to an inspiring career?
  • How can we bridge the knowledge gap between you and your clients
    while making everyone accountable?

Our mission is to continue to adapt from our original thinking, challenge ourselves to stay out of our comfort zone, push the status quo, think and develop, keeping the future in mind (we have big plans!) while meeting the needs of today.

To do your engagements in accordance with regulations is a given and expected. We continue to refine and automate every aspect that can be automated so you have more time. That’s our gift to you and we encourage you to take advantage of this irreplaceable resource. Whether you choose to spend that time growing yourself or growing your business, we want to know how it goes.

We may not be able to solve all problems and processes today. But we’ve started! We are focused on the process, having fun and listening. If we ask the right questions, we will create the outcome you need.

Atin Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO Jesse Capon, Co-Founder & CTO